At Cottage Hill Baptist Church, our desire in all that we do is to help everyone

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In keeping with the Acts 1:8 mandate, our mission strategy is three-fold: our Jerusalem (city/community), Judea (nation/regional) and Ends of the Earth (internationally/globally)

First, we serve locally primarily through our Love Where You Live strategy.  We know that until we have a passion for serving and reaching people in our own neighborhoods, we will not be effective in reaching those around the world. As our Pastor says, "The light that shines bright, shines the brightest at home."

Next, we strive to engage regionally and nationally.  From sending regional disaster relief teams to partnering with Church Planters across our nation, we are engaging our people with opportunities to serve close to home as well as across the US.

Lastly, we have developed a strategy internationally.  Our current Global Partnerships include:





In each of these regions, there is much work to be done in advancing the life-changing message of the Gospel.

Below are listed our Mission Opportunities

2017 Mission Trips



Family Camp

August 19 – 26, 2016 | Helena, Montana

This team will partner with a local church to assist in construction.

Trip Cost:$1200.00
Team Size: 26
Available Spots: 0


September 22 – 30

This team will partner with Life Vesting International to participate in training indigenous Pastors and also teaching English as a second language in local schools

Trip Cost: $2500.00
Team Size: 10
Available Spots: 0



The Cuba team will assist in the construction of the San Cristobal Baptist Church during the day and teach/worship with the church each night.  This trip is open to both men and women, no specific skills required.

Trip Cost: $1500.00
Team Size: 13 maximum
Available spots: 0

If you would like more info on any of these trips, please contact us @