discover cottage hill 

Discover Cottage Hill is your chance to explore our identity. You will learn about our history, our heart and our vision for the future. Our leadership will walk you through our beliefs and what we expect from you as part of our family. You will also have the opportunity to hear from many of our ministry leaders who would love to have you volunteer in their areas! Discover Cottage Hill is a requirement for all new members, but attending the class does not mean you must become a member. Come check us out and see how you fit in with the ministry God is doing through Cottage Hill!


discover your place

PLACE ministry is designed to take your involvement in the church one step further. During this four week class, you will discover your personality type using the DISC assessment, identify your spiritual gifts and learn how your past experiences have prepared you to do ministry now. Through group discussion and personal coaching you will find where you can best serve the church and get connected with ministry leaders who are in need of people just like you!

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