Cottage hill adults

Our desire is to live full lives marked by a love for Jesus and His people. No matter where you are in life, we have a place for you to find refuge from the outside world and connect with others just like you. 



We believe that finding community with other believers is an important part in our walk with Christ. That’s why we’ve designed our LIFEGroups to intentionally connect you to people who share similar experiences in life. This is “where the church becomes the Church.” In our LIFEGroups you will find meaningful relationships, support and encouragement. Join a LIFEGroup today!



Cottage hill men

The purpose of Cottage Hill Men is to connect men in ways that draw them individually closer to Jesus. Through Bible study, fellowships and large events, we hope to help men build one another up and encourage one another to be strong leaders, godly fathers and warriors for Christ.



Cottage Hill women

We believe everyone is designed for a purpose. At Cottage Hill Women, we strive to provide a place where women can discover their purpose, celebrate the greatness of Jesus and go outside the church walls to make a difference in their homes and their community.